Lindner Garden Residence. The German way of living, now in Albania.


In the last kilometers, when crossing down the Airport Road, our gaze finds it impossible to escape the green fields that stretch on both sides of the national axis. At the bottom of Preza Hills, travelers over the centuries have received an impression, a business card from the pure nature of the Tirana region. Fresh olive-scented dew at dawn and a bronze filter just before sunset. Despite being the most connected area in terms of infrastructure, the peaceful horizon in this part of Albania has preserved the hospitality of Tirana and the landscape of a picturesque province.

Right here, near the airport and in the courtyard of Tirana Business Park, the “Germans” intend to build a unique residential city of its kind. It is a small town, which will offer its inhabitants amenities and services like nowhere else, but at the same time, it will blend nicely with the green landscape of the area. An investment as complex as it is delicate.

Behind the concept of this mini-town are the Germans of the Lindner Group, one of the leading companies in the global construction industry. With over 50 years of history, Lindner Group has successfully finalized hundreds of projects around the world, highlighting airports, stadiums, universities, and residential centers. The news that Lindner Group is investing in Albania is a great one. On the other hand, we are not even dealing with new news. Lindner Group has been investing in Albania for years, even with innovative projects. Simply by mentioning Tirana Business Park (TBP), the first business park in Albania and one of the most prestigious in the region. In a few years, TBP has become a home to dozens of associated startups and businesses/institutions. In September of this year, Lindner Group inaugurated a 5-star hotel, MK Hotel Tirana. A contemporary-style resort reserved for hundreds of guests with services and facilities of a European standard hotel for real.  As a part of the same complex, nearby Tirana Business Park, Lindner Group will build this mini-town, Lindner Garden Residence. According to its representatives, the company decided to name the residence this way since they consider it as a green garden resort where it will apply its best expertise in the field of construction and an excellent relationship with the surrounding nature. In addition to interesting and stylish apartments located in the middle of greenery, there will also be commercial services and sports activities. The same was confirmed to us by the main project manager,

Mrs. Stephanie Sieg-Farka.

“We are bringing something really special in Albania. Imagine Lindner Garden Residence as a city within a city. Ten minutes from Tirana, twenty minutes from the sea, or two steps from the airport, the residents of the complex will live both city and nature. Does this report become even more interesting if I tell you that the residence will also include a kindergarten, school, health center, sports fields, and restaurants? I say yes. I haven’t seen this combination implemented anywhere else. ” – said Sieg-Farka while sharing with us some of the “render” images of the residence.

Another element that makes this residence special is the fact that it is the first of its kind to not think of “ultra-rich” families only. The vision here is more comprehensive and aims to create a sustainable community. The complex is expected to have housing available for a more varied budget. Not just villas: apartments, row-houses, double villas, and luxury villas. In some of these alternatives, there is obviously room for middle-income families as well. The difference is not made even in the architectural style, which in any case is pleasant, minimalist, spacious, and modern. Also, every resident will own his parking place and well-organized public space, even if there will be no personal yard. The standard of construction is expected to be of the highest quality and the guarantor is the excellent reputation of the Lindner Group. Anyone who has visited one of the projects realized by the company, easily proves this claim of Lindner Garden Residence.

“Quality of construction? Here we are in Tirana Business Park, see for yourself what quality we are able to offer to our customers. We build with the best materials and with aesthetic eyes where functionality is our king. Beyond that, I say it out loud, we at Lindner Garden Residence want to promote the German lifestyle. A life with enough space, where we can express our creativity freely, in an excellent relationship with nature, and where there is no lack of community service or entertainment. We want to build the conditions of a community that is both peaceful and dynamic and modern. I assure you that really exciting days await us at the residence.” – Sieg-Farka confessed while inviting us for a short walk in one of the square vacations of Tirana Business Park,.

In a town that offers parking, a kindergarten, a tennis court, a delicate restaurant, and an apartment designed with a contemporary approach, the “German lifestyle” looks more glamorous than ever. Projects like Lindner Garden Residence almost reinforce the impression that the German standard that we so much demand in Berlin or Munich, can be found even at the ‘gates’ of Tirana. The area has all the potential that this German mini-town promises us. The rich road network and a railway (Tirana – Rinas) ready to overcome from paper to practice, turn the Lindner Garden Residence vision into a near reality.

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