It’s a lease, not a leash.

The complex


The center of a community

20 minutes far from Tirana and quite close to “Mother Theresa” Airport you will find a real town. Built in accordance with the German model of quality and with a man-centered architecture, Lindner Garden Residence is the first of its kind in Albania.


Your experience will not be limited to the walls of the house.

In addition to privacy and fresh air nature, if you move to Lindner Garden you will be welcomed by a well-organized community. Just like in German towns, you and your family will have a kindergarten, the school, the children’s park, the shop, space for business, and even the curated restaurant right next to your house. Thanks to the perfect location, you will not miss nature walks, sports facilities, swimming pools or visits to the natural/cultural heritage attractions of the Preza area.


Get to know your future home

At Lindner Garden we have thought about all family types and for individuals with specific preferences. We have designed our homes not only according to the family budgets. Different spaces and conditions meet the expectations of a wide range of clients. The only condition is the desire to live in a healthy community.

Services and town advantages


Beyond the high-quality housing units, in Lindner Garden you will find public and commercial services such as:

  • School
  • Kindergarten
  • Children’s Park
  • Sports center and swimming pools
  • Health Center
  • Tirana Business Park Amenities
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  • Restaurants
  • Shops

The commodity of living in Lindner Garden


Lindner Garden is a private residential center where residents can benefit from a complete package with amenities and utility services such as:

  • 24/7 Parking
  • Security services
  • Entrance check
  • Camera surveillance
  • Cleaning & Maintenance of common spaces
  • Drainage system