Lindner Garden Residence, the idyllic mini-town near Tirana


Lindner Group, the well-known German investment group, brings a new and prestigious project at Tirana Business Park and MK Hotel Tirana. Lindner Garden Residence is the newest investment of this group in Albania, bringing the German model of housing very close to Tirana.

Living in the center of the city is ideal for anyone who prefers nightlife, events and fast lifestyle. For many people, city center apartments are the most preferred and most expensive areas to live in. But more and more, untouched natural beauties outside the center, are turning into favorite areas to invite you to escape the city noise.

If we talk about metropolitan centers, the need to fundamentally change the lifestyle is becoming bigger and bigger for some families. Consumerism is transforming modern human being. The pandemic, social distancing and the need for privacy are making changes necessary.

But leaving the center does not mean leaving the temptations of the city. No one is ready to give up going to the theater, meeting old friends or concerts even if these activities happen in the center of the city. For those who love the energy of the city, but also the peace of nature, a balanced life can now a be reality.

A small town that is being born on the edge of the hills of Preza, in the  Tirana Business Park, promises to become the center of many inhabitants of today’s Tirana.

The new center, according to the German model

The process and decision of purchasing a property has a number of factors. It depends on the mentality, model of values and everyone’s opportunities. The Germans are known for the joy of life at beer festivals and cheers during national team matches, but also for intolerance to noise. Although in Germany there are laws that regulate noise relations, in Tirana there is a German model of construction that enables a quiet residence. For their tranquility, the Germans have sophisticated and attach great importance to the insulation of buildings.

There are many solutions to live outside the center of Tirana, but there is only one German model with a strategic position. This new residential “Lindner Garden” features luxury villas and apartments of various types. The community rules of the German neighborhood near Tirana are induced by the colors, shapes, spaces and concepts of buildings. Lindner Group, the group that brings this German residential model is very well known and specializes for the building envelope, interior fit-out and insulation.

The creation of this residence moreover, is the birth of a community that shares lifestyles and patterns of similar values. These typologies of inhabitants are united by the tendency to enjoy a stress-free life, with the need for ample internal and external space that is not found in the center, away from a stifling environment, where they can practise any kind of activity. The lower density of residents in Lindner Garden Residence, the sense of belonging to a community, the security of raising and educating children in a healthy environment, makes them automatically privileged.

The options to choose from are different and for each category: luxury villas, attached villas, double villas or apartments.

Lindner Garden Residence is suitable for an individual who cares about his health and a balanced life, with the opportunity to do outdoor sports, spend time with family or with themselves, reading, meditating or walking the dog in nature.

A new apartment, as a long-term investment

The quality of construction, unique architecture, strategic location and a range of features make buying a home in Lindner Garden Residence a golden investment and opportunity. For years, Albanians have been investing in buying a second home, buying property to rent, buying houses to inherit from children, or real estate in general. When a large portion of corporations and businesses are located in the off-center industrial area, accessibility and any necessary relationships with them becomes simpler if the center is at Lindner Garden Residence. Investing in a new mansion, which has the prospect of turning into a small town in the vicinity of Tirana, near the international airport “Mother Teresa”, near the national highway, near the Adriatic Sea as well as near the metropolitan attractions, is now a smart decision.

Every new investment is a good omen for Albania. The expansion of cities, the increase of the standard of living, the new employments, are all important steps forward for a developed country with western standards.

If we talk about a German investment, we already have said everything!

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