Merkel in Tirana, the entire German project near the airport is now revealed


On the morning of Tuesday, September 14, in the conference hall “Berlin”, the typical atmosphere of a historical event could be felt in the air.The faces of the main actors and the nervous movements of the media people visibly assimilated the pressure of a unique event. For some, this was the moment to make a final balance, from which they would probably have to start over. For some others, this was the “once in a lifetime” opportunity to fix in the collective media memory, a part of the path through which the history of the Western Balkans has passed. The premonition prevailed that we were at the right time and place, where the German standard is planned to be combined with the future of modern Tirana.

Everything took place in Tirana Business Park, near the “Mother Teresa Airport” in the Albanian capital. It was precisely this country that Chancellor Angela Merkel had personally chosen as the last stage of her 30-year career in politics. On the eve of the September 26 Bundestag elections, from which she has officially withdrawn, the German Chancellor marked Tirana as her last international visit. In recent weeks, the political or geopolitical reasons for this decision have been speculated or spun by dozens of local and foreign analysts. According to the Chancellor herself, Tirana and its journey in the “Berlin Process” is a valuable part of her political heritage. What seemed more obvious and at the same time created curiosity, was the fact why Tirana Business Park turned to be one of the main destinations for the second time of Merkel’s visit to Albania. We recall here that in 2015, during her first visit to the country, the Chancellor spent some good hours in this business center, as part of the “Albania-Germany Economic Forum”.

First of all, it’s a standard issue. We are dealing with a natural inclination of a European leader, who has the task of promoting businesses and initiatives of a European level. Home to dozens of local and foreign businesses, Tirana Business Park (TBP) is an investment by German construction giant Lindner Group. We are dealing with a prestigious company, with roots and investments in all four corners of the world. Therefore, it is basically a matter of prestige and security. The German model of diplomacy (representing Merkel) chooses to evaluate and promote the Lindner Group’s standard of doing business. Beyond the characters, even the places where the story takes place speak clearly and give their own messages. The reason why the “Berlin hall” at TBP was chosen as the venue for the joint conference can be taken as a clear message from the Chancellor: “here is the German model you should follow”.

Naturally, Merkel’s agenda included another Lindner Group investment in Tirana. Very close to TBP, she had a lunch with Prime Minister Rama and other Balkan leaders at MK Hotel Tirana. This is a 5-star hotel with modern German architecture, which promises ultra-comfortable rooms, an impressive view and cozy pool experience. Everything, two steps away from the airport and 15 minutes from the heart of the capital. Apparently, Chancellor Merkel was blessing the future of development of the whole area around “Mother Teresa Airport”. We are still speaking in future terms, as Lindner’s Germans have even more prestigious plans for the area. Right around Tirana Business Park, they are thinking of building a residential center unique in its kind. It is about “a city within a city”. A real town which will offer the inhabitants of the capital services and facilities which are not found in any other residential area in the country. In addition to green spaces and dedicated infrastructure, it is also intended for sports camps, kindergartens, schools, health centers, restaurants and bars. The apartments are designed in a variety of spaces and in terms of the amenities they offer. Finally, this residence is not only focused on “ultra-rich” families, but also those with middle and upper middle income. The architecture is a contemporary German style, functional, clean and human-centered. According to the company itself, the aim of Lindner Group is to build a residence where one can live the “German lifestyle” and where the high standard of the company is strictly applied. Not without purpose the residence was baptized “Lindner Garden Residence”. The project is about to start, while the company this Tuesday launched the official online website of the residence: Here, all families that are looking for a housing alternative, or even architecture enthusiasts can find valuable material.

Chancellor Merkel’s visit returned the attention of the international community to Tirana. At the same time, quite naturally, her agenda marked one of the most promising business and residential areas in Albania, in terms of economic and urban development. With the seriousness that befits a German leader, she also set the standard for the development of a region with a growing importance. Right next to the airport, two steps away from the Tirana-Durrës highway, part of ambitious infrastructure plans and under the management of Lindner Group, this area is gradually turning into one of the new epicenters of Tirana.

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