Playground, entertainment and security for every Lindner Garden Residence child

At Lindner Garden Residence, life in the middle of a community and the German style of conceptual life, particularly has children in focus.

Creating conditions for quality free time for children, is one of the priorities at Lindner Garden Residence. At a time when children are inclined to spend time with video games or watching TV inside the walls of the house, in Lindner we create all the conditions to enjoy the game outside the house.

The playground at Lindner Garden Residence is the safe space where children can be entertained and socialized within the residence’s environments. It is important that children gain the habit of spending time in nature at an early age, as these children tend to repeat this experiences and remain active throughout their lives.

For a physical, emotional, psychological well-being and for creating strong community relations since childhood, Lindner Garden Residence is the perfect place for future families.

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